Friday, July 5, 2013

[Discount] Gif to Flash Converter

Gif to Flash Converter

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Products Description : Gif to Flash Converter

Gif to Flash Converter is a small but powerful GIF image file to Flash video (e.g. flv, swf) converter. It can help you free convert gif image files in batches. It can preserve original layout, text etc of your gif file. More, the processing speed is very fast. User-friendly interface is very easy to use with only a few clicks.
Now, with the powerful converter,your gif files can be shown with a flash player or on the Web. More it can be embedded in a web page and shown inside it altogether with other web page content.
Distribute your gif files on the Internet for other people to see is easier with it.

Advanced features:
Simultaneously convert massive gif files to Flash video once.
Merge multiple gif files to one single FLV/SWF video.
According to the default page size to generate FLV/SWF video.
According to the image size of FLV/SWF, automatically stretch/shrink image size.
Support Flash6 format compression to compress the output file size.
Precise control the generated video quality with more parameters settings.
Set FlV/SWF video play speed.

Key features:
Support add the entire folder to convert.
If you do not have time to convert the files of list now, you can save the converted list to your computer. Do not need to load every file again.
Convert with a high speed and professional quality.
Easy to use software,merely a few clicks can finish.
Have the option to auto open the output folder when conversion finished.

Gif to Flash Converter

Product Details : Gif to Flash Converter

SWF to GIF Converter is a software wich allows you to convert Flash to GIF animation so we present our SWF to GIF Converter. Flash to GIF Animator Key Features: ,Gif to Flash Converter est un petit programme. Un programme simple pour convertir le format de GIFs animés. Gif to Flash Converter 2.7 01.02.10;,GIF to Flash Converter - Conversion d'animation GIF en AVI SWF FLV image. Quick Image Resizer 2.7.3 Redimensionnez vos images par glisser-déposer 23.,Version: GIF To Flash Converter 2.1. Pros. Makes my flash well and fast. Cons. nothing to say. Summary. It works fast and converted all my gifs in speedy way.,Amusez-vous à convertir vos animations GIF en vidéos de format ou encore FLV grâce à GIF to Flash Converter. Lisez 01net pour 2,45 / n° seulement.,Telecharger GIF to Flash Converter gratuit. Téléchargement sécurisé du logiciel GIF to Flash Converter qui est disponible gratuitement sur Windows.,GIF to Flash Converter 2.1 Publié le 03/08/2008: Windows 2000 , XP ,GIF to Flash Converter est une application qui vous permettra de faire la conversion des fichiers animés au format .GIF au format (Basée sur 2 votes de membres),PF Image-2-HTML 1.0 [2.50 Mo | Freeware] PF Image-2-HTML vous permet de convertir vos images et animations en beaux fichiers HTML. Convert Image 1.90 [4.2 Mo | Freeware],GIF to Flash Converter est un puissant outil de conversion qui vous permet de convertir des animations GIF en AVI, 2: Langue : Anglais: GIF to Flash Converter


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