Sunday, April 21, 2013

[Cheap] Stock Quotes for Excel

Stock Quotes for Excel

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Products Description : Stock Quotes for Excel

Stock Quotes for Excel is a powerfull Excel add-in that allows you to update Stock Quotes automatically, Market Indexes and Mutual Funds into your Excel spreadsheets - via Internet. No more manual and tedious updates. No more risk of using outdated data.

Stock Quotes for Excel is like any other Excel function. When the function is inserted in any cell or inside a formula, the add-in refreshes the quotes automatically, indexes and funds with the latest data.

Moreover you are able to: Obtain an historical report of the stock market quotations letting yourself to adjust the inicial and final dates using the tool: Data Downloader.

Obtain more than 10,000 stock market quotations at the same time at only one click. Adjust as you wish the time to update the stock quotes.

Obtain all the data of a specific quotation in determined date using: Stock Quotes by Date Wizard.

Use more useful tools such as: Refresh Settings Export Stock Quotes Export Market Indexes Export Sheet Values Cell's math by format Multiple Conditional analysis & formatting Select by Format Guides Arithmetic Calculator Change Color Palette Sheets Manager And more....

In this new version 4.5.5 of Stock Quotes for Excel we have added: The verification of performing at Office in French has been completed.


Stock Quotes for Excel

Product Details : Stock Quotes for Excel

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